Our School Facilities



seipilinSéipéilín ( School Oratory)


    ArtArt Room


    SciScience Labs - Biology, Physics and Chemistry.


  •  Home Economics Kitchens  
  •  Music Room                                                                                                    
  •  Sewing Room/Dress Design Room
  •  Geography Room
  •  Computer Room
  •  Library
  •  Learning Support Rooms
  •  Dunchaoin ( Learning Support)
  •  Career Guidance Room
  •  Cafeteria - Breakfast as well as hot and cold options are available.
  •  Study Hall


 Sporting Facilities

     Sports Complex which includes:

   • Full International Size Basketball Court
   ⁃ Retractable Seating
   ⁃ Changing Facilities
   ⁃ Lift Access
   ⁃ Fully equipped gym
   ⁃ Aerobics/Dance Studio
   ⁃ Meeting Room

• Astro Turf Hockey Pitch (phase two of development).
• Track with security fencing and flood lighting (phase two of development).


Outdoor Facilities

2 All weather hockey pitches
5 Basketball Courts
5 Tennis Courts

The installation of two lifts and a ramp to the front entrance,
has made our school accessible to all students.







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