History of Presentation Secondary School Thurles

The Presentation Congregation was founded by Nano Nagle in 1775 in Cork.

Since 1817 the Presentation Sisters have been involved in education in Thurles, where they have dedicated themselves to serving the community by providing primary and secondary education in the town.

The Boarding school was established in 1914. Our Secondary School was built in 1970.

Presentation Secondary School Thurles is a Voluntary Catholic Secondary School for girls, operating under the Trusteeship of CEIST.  It supports the Religious and Educational Philosophy of its Foundress, Nano Nagle.


     While being justifiably proud of our long heritage and tradition, we in Presentation Secondary School strive to adapt to the educational requirements of a rapidly changing world.

The Nagle motto ‘Non vox sed votum’ - Not words but deeds summarises the overall ethos of our school.






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