Student Support

Pastoral Care

   A Pastoral Care Programme reflecting the Presentation ethos, extends throughout the school.  

   Each class is assigned a Class Tutor who takes a special interest in the welfare and progress of each student.  

   The Class tutor operates in close co-operation with the Year head, the Deputy Principal and Principal.


Learning Support

In keeping with the Presentation ethos of our school, we have a learning support team who cater for the needs of students who may be experiencing learning difficulties. 

The Special Needs Co-Ordinator, in liaison with parents and subject teachers, offers any necessary assistance and our Resource Teachers provide tuition to individuals and small groups.


Guidance Counseling

   Career Guidance and Counselling service provides a continuous system of support and counselling to students at all stages of their second level education. 

   The ultimate aim is to guide the student in making key decisions in areas such as subject choice, course and career choice.The Guidance Counselling service is delivered through one to one personal interviews and through classroom instruction.

   The service incorporates : Advice on subject choices Aptitude Testing (DATS), Careers Information, Visits to Third Level Open Days, Assistance with CAO and UCAS forms, Advice on CV preparation, Interview Techniques, Study Skills, Life Skills    module, the use of ICT, One-to-one Counselling.


Academic Monitor

Each student in Sixth Year has an academic monitor, who oversees their progress throughout the year, offering encouragement and advice.





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